IN SEARCH OF MARYLAND-fcvr-front only“Whether the reader is looking for a haunted tavern, bed and breakfast, museum, or other historical location in Maryland’s haunted Montgomery County, In Search of Maryland Ghosts—Montgomery County is a must. The maps and photographs in the book help to identify the locations and give you a feeling of being there along with the ghostly residents.” — (full review)

It’s a wonderful preservation of history from a new perspective – and one that keeps the interest of the reader! Congratulations on a great book! — Walter Goetz, author of Maryland Gold Fever and Montgomery County Gold Fever

WHAT OUR READERS ARE SAYING (posted from Amazon):

Ghosts and history make for an interesting blend
…Also, just as important as the ghost stories, the incredibly detailed research poured into this tome is impressive and unequivocally second to none. The book is a gem for officially recording the genealogy and historical accounts from around the region in a neat, thorough package. The history is engagingly written rather than being dry, and the stories are detailed and satisfying. Recommended reading is suggested at the end of each chapter…Rarely do I ever award two thumbs up to a book that contains as much speculation as is found here. But in this case, the authors are such talented raconteurs and the detailed, well-researched history makes this an unusual case. All speculation needs some basis in fact, and the authors deliver their end of the deal. Not only do these stories make you think, the historical information about houses, battles and genealogy are more comprehensive than any other ghost-story book I have ever read. Period. Ah, makes me long for the house I grew up in. — L. Lukaszewicz

 History Brought to Life (through death!)
Less about spooky specters and more about oral history and local memory, this book is a fun, easy, and informative read. — Jean Drzyzgula

 Great combination of local history and ghosts
I put “local history” first in my title for this review, because it seemed to me that this book was actually much heavier on recounting history than it was ghost stories. Although there quite a few of the latter, including both historical and contemporary, there are also, in my opinion, too many of the “people say…” and “if you are in the vicinity on a dark night you might see…” speculative type stories that tend to overpopulate this type of book. However, as a resident of one of the areas covered in this book, I found the book so interesting and full of information overall that I didn’t deduct a star for that. If you are also a Montgomery County resident who is interested in local ghosts viewed through a historical filter, I highly recommend this book. — K. Brand

full of history lessons and gripping tales
I love this book. Montgomery County, MD is a full of culture and history and it is no surprise to me that so many interesting ghost stories have been compiled about the area. MoCo has a rich civil war and underground railroad history and I am sure these are contributing factors to the presence of lingering spirits. I enjoy that this book contains a variety of stories, some funny, some scary, and some puzzling. All of them enjoyable though. I have been reading through this book and visiting some of the locations the stories are about. I don’t look at those places the same afterwards. Visiting the site of the Headless Horseman a few days before Halloween was a great experience. I get the creeps when I drive by that spot to this day. In a good way. — MoCo Rob

A Frightfully Fun Romp Through the History of Montgomery County
This fun book is as much about history as it is about ghosts. Find out about the Underground Railroad and about other historical events and locales while meeting up with a skeletal preacher, a ghostly nanny, and even the ghost of a chicken! If you like ghost stories and you like history, this is the book for you! — JB Schweitzer

A Big, Little Book of Facts and Frights
I like this little book! It is a fun, entertaining and educational read with a little humor tucked in here and there, as well as jam packed with history! I bought the book for its stories of ghosts. No disappointment there! I discovered the ghosts that reside in Montgomery County are not only abundant but active! Many make it a point to frequently let their presence be known! The history lessons were a bonus. It was thought provoking to be reminded our yesterdays are many and full of intense drama. — NAR


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