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On Bringing History to the Young

This seems to be a pretty highfalutin claim, but it harkens back to the Career Day I participated in at Earle B Wood Middle School (which I wrote about in early May). Last week I received  thank you letters from some of the students who had to sit through my presentation. I wanted to share a few of their comments as they were quite delightful and made me glad I overcame my qualms to participate..

Thank you for coming to my school and showing us what you do. You are my favorite presenter. I think that you have an amazing and fun job. Your job was interesting because I like scary stories and now I can tell my mother that I am reading something that is not only entertaining, but educational. – Gabie

I really liked how you found the newspapers of people actually saw the headless horseman. I really liked your topic and I think when I grow up I might be a historical writer so I can learn more about ghosts and write stories about them. – Andrew

…I never knew there were ghosts in Maryland. I will use this information in my social studies class because it talks about the Civil War and how a soldier got decapitated. I really loved the story and how much history was in a little short story… – Moises

…I love how in your job you use history to help you find out about ghosts and their back stories.I didn’t know that you can find that information in the newspapers. It must be really fun to have the job that you have… – Lina

Ms. Lottes I absolutely loved the scary story you wrote. It was one of the best I have ever heard…I love hearing about history, but I don’t like the subject. I have learned that there was a civil war … and a train that passed through Maryland. This information will help me in the future because in high school my history teacher will ask me a question about this and then I would know… – Jackie

Thank you very much for coming into our class to speak about what your job is…I’m glad you followed your dreams and accomplished being a author. – Natalia

I thought your presentation was very fascinating. I love reading ghost stories especially if they have real facts behind them and if they take place somewhere near you. They make you want to research it yourself and then go and investigate…I can’t really use this because I suck at writing, but I would love to read the book and search info about the different stories… – Jazmin


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Speaking About the Book

Do you belong to a group that has programs? Are you looking for speakers? Dorothy and I are already booking speaking engagements this fall. If you are interested in having us speak, please contact us.

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