Paranormal Experience

PE-Sandy PE-DebbiePART ONE – Dorothy and I are working with a group filming a new, web-based paranormal show called “Paranormal Experience.” They’ve brought in two well-known mediums to walk through some of the historic homes we’ve written about. More after Tuesday when they interview us.

PART TWO – Update on “Paranormal Experience” – Dorothy and I were interviewed Tuesday night about the history of the four properties that were investigated for the show (I won’t reveal where we filmed at this time), three of which were in the book and one was not (though we wish it had been). By the time we were interviewed it was quite late so we aren’t confident about our performance. However, I understand the two mediums that worked with the show were able to identify many spirits with a lot of real details – what they were wearing, what they looked like, and even some names! We promise to give you more details as soon as we know.


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