A Face in the Window


The Miller’s House is the small building in the far right of the image.

If it’s true that the eyes are the windows to the soul, then are windows the eyes to a house? Or a haunted house at least? As my home’s windows are currently boarded up waiting for an upgrade, I was thinking about faces in windows and what they can tell the outside world. When I first began researching possible haunted properties in Montgomery County, I looked at some of the paranormal message sites online. There were a number of stories that involved faces in the windows of abandoned properties. I wasn’t always able to follow that up with something more substantial and so most of those places didn’t make it into the book (at least not volume 1, who knows about volume 2).

Recently I was at an event with a woman who went to school with some of the Archer boys who grew up in the Madison House in Brookeville. She remembered their stories of a face in the window of the Miller’s House, a small building adjacent to the Madison House. When the Archer’s moved in, they had to restore both buildings to habitability. The Miller’s House was a much smaller building than the Madison House and was banked, meaning it had a ground level first floor and a walkout basement. The face, seen apparently on more than one occasion, belonged to a young woman looking in a window on the back of the building; the banked side! That meant she either had to be on a tall ladder or floating in space! As there was no ladder available…I’ll let you draw the appropriate conclusion. Who was this apparition? The Archers thought it might have belonged to the resident poltergeist, Nancy Helen Riggs. Her name appeared one evening when the family decided to try out a Ouija board. They had no idea that something as specific as a name would be spelled out by the unseen hand that moved the planchette about the board.

Have you ever experienced the uneasy sight of a face in a window where none could be?


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