Putting Flesh on the Bones of a Ghost Story

Thanks to my friend Shellie, I have a guest blog on the writer’s blog, The Rockville 8, on inserting history into a ghost story. I hope you enjoy it! http://rockville8.blogspot.com/2012/10/putting-flesh-on-bones-of-ghost-story.html


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One response to “Putting Flesh on the Bones of a Ghost Story

  1. Hi Karen! We’re excited to have you blog at Rockville 8 and looking forward to sharing scary stories. Here’s my story. It’s true. I was visiting friends in Charleston SC one weekend and was put in the guest room for the night. During the night, my friends’s cat jumped on the bed, kneaded the covers over my legs and finally settled down purring happily. All that activity woke me of course and in the unfamiliar and very dark room, I never actually saw the cat, but I heard and felt it.

    The next morning I mentioned this to my friends who stared in disbelief. Their cat had been hit and killed by a car earlier in the day before I had arrived. They had put me in the room the cat liked to sleep in.

    The cat did not come back the next night, but I am sure it was there the first night going about it’s nocturnal routines, unaware perhaps that it was doing so on the astral plane!!

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