Honeysuckle Hill

Also in Goshen is Honeysuckle Hill, home to two tragic spirits. Near the house is the family cemetery. The cemetery is very overgrown, but we did manage to find the tombstone  for  Annie Linthicum. She is one of the ghosts of Honeysuckle Hill. Her stone reads ‘”Though he slay me, yet, will I trust in him. ”

You can also see my children, Mira and Jered, climbing over the wall that surrounds the cemetery. The step ladder is there because there is no gate or entrance to the cemetery. The only stairs are on the inside of the wall. Has anyone heard or seen something like this elsewhere? These photos are thanks to my friend Joanna, who managed to take much better photos of the cemetery than Dorothy or I.



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2 responses to “Honeysuckle Hill

  1. Terry Gumtz

    When my family lived in Kensington, or house was haunted by a cat and a dog. They were both family pets. Oddly enough, my sister died while we were living there but, I’m pretty sure she moved on.

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